HRFC Code of Conduct
This document describes the behavioural expectations of Players, Coaches and Parents involved with Hurunui Rangers FC. It is the primary policy for the managing training and game-day behaviour....[more]

HRFC Anti-Harassment Policy
Harassment, including sexual or racial harassment, is unwelcome, unsolicited and unreciprocated behaviour by a person or group that may offend, humiliate or intimidate another. Harassment can take different forms including oral, written, physical or other non-verbal forms....[more]

HRFC Child Safety Policy
This policy guides our volunteers on how to behave with children and young persons in our club. The policy focuses on how we promote children’s participation in our club and how we make it safer for them....[more]

HRFC Team Formation Policy
This Policy describes the process by which Junior and Youth teams will be formed out of the pool of available players....[more]

HRFC Registration and Subs Collection Policy
This policy describes the method of information gathering for registering for the club, and the regulations around the payment of subscriptions....[more]